Release update 1.30.0 - Whippletree Waxcloth 

Release date:

December 8th 2021



Ready for a brand new release?

New and improvements 

1. Synchronised video module

New: the video sync function! You can add videos that will play across different screens, visitors will see synchronized videos on multiple devices.

Learn more about it here.

2. Digital signage module: different assets per language 

Hooray! From now on you can add different assets for each language in the digital signage module. That means you can customize your message according to the language.

3. Landscape images or panoramas in an interactive map

As a content creator, you can add landscape pictures or even panoramas to your interactive map. Do you prefer to use landscape videos? That’s also possible.

4. Background images in a digital label, an interactive map or a media browser

We’ve also enabled the use of background images or videos in digital labels, interactive maps and media browsers. You don't have to deal with asset bundles or CSS styling anymore.



Analytics object recognition module

Last but not least: find out more about your object recognition module from now on! These extra data will be collected since today:

Object recognition module

  • ID

  • Title


  • ID: amount of use

  • Name

  • File card 1-5:

    • ID: amount of clicks 

    • Title

    • Assets: amount of clicks full screen

    • Assets: amount of video plays

    • Query (How many times did the query get answered?)

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